Sample Submission

  1. The information you provide on this form is required for administrative purposes regarding billing and instructions for processing your samples.

  2. Ensure samples are tightly sealed and well packaged to retain their integrity in transit.  Frozen samples should be sent early in the week (to avoid weekend delays) via express courier and the SINLAB notified as to expected arrival time.

  3. An electronic copy of all samples ID codes must be submitted. Samples will not enter the queue until the codes are received.

  4. If samples are submitted for weighing, they must be clearly labelled and match the order of the electronic list provided.  

  5. If submitting filter papers INCLUDE A FEW BLANK FILTERS with your submission.

  6. If samples are pre-weighed, the electronic list must match the order of samples on the loading form.  Each tray of pre-weighed samples must be clearly identified with a unique name and accompanied by a loading form. (See Sample collection page or above for links to loading forms) INCLUDE BLANK TINS IN WELL A1 OF EACH TRAY as per the loading form instructions.

  7. Please email the SINLAB ( to notify us that a shipment is on its way.

  8. You will be notified via email when the shipment arrives.

  9. Please note: Poorly organized samples may be subject to additional technical fees.

  10. If submitting pre-weighed samples, please do not use tape to secure loading trays as it sticks and causes problems. Elastic bands are ideal. Also, do not use parafilm or plastic wrap (cling film) between the top lid and bottom tray. The best method is to place a thick layer of cardboard, tin foil or Kimwipe in between the top lid and bottom tray and secure with elastic bands. This layer fills the space  and stops samples from shifting. Please see photos for examples of correctly prepared trays

    (Photo below shows; Loading trays with Kim wipes, tin foil & cardboard in between samples (from left to right), all secured with elastic bands). 


Ship samples to:

Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory
Department of Biology, University of New Brunswick
P.O Box 4400
10 Bailey Drive, Room 155 Loring Bailey Hall
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 5A3

Telephone: 506 453-4967
Fax: 506 453-3583